Welcome to the new blog!

The Book Project is out, Fall in Love with Writing is in!

Since the book now has a title, I thought I’d revamp this blog and keep it in the spirit of the book.

I’ve been blown away by all the bloggers who have allowed me to include their words and photos in the book. Thank-you so much! I hope you get to hold the book in your hands soon.

It’s been so fun that I’m already thinking about the next book and I hope many of you can be included in that one too.

But about this blog, it’s a space for real people to share about writing using your real, honest and simple words. It’s mostly for to-be-writers, beginning writers and anyone who needs encouragement in their writing journey – isn’t that all of us!

Ultimately, it’s to inspire people to write and fall (more) in love with writing. That’s my dream.

My other blog Out of the Well, is more of a personal blog even though I focus on writing a lot. The main difference in the writing posts there is that many of them are for the more advanced writer and deal with the craft of writing. This blog is one that encourages people that anyone can write, even if our grammar and prose aren’t perfect.

If writing gives you something good, then write.

So check out the new submissions page and if you want to be part of the new book, check out that out too.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new blog!

  1. I hope you do inspire 🙂


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