Who doesn’t love notebooks!

Out of 365 posts, my post about notebooks is the fifth most popular. I love it. I know for sure I’m not alone in my love for notebooks.

I love buying them, writing in them and seeing pictures of them. As I said in the post: they make me happy.

I’d love to make and sell my own notebooks one day. That would be so awesome!

Here are some pictures of my notebooks. Many more to come. Feel free to submit your own pictures to be put on the blog with a bio and link to your blog.

There’s one condition though: you have to love notebooks!

finl 060

finl 053

finl 033

fallig 018


fallig 004

falling 005

f 018

fe 004edit

all 003

fall 025


fall 002 (2)

a 008

stationary 020

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5 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love notebooks!

  1. betternotbroken

    I was lamenting this morning that I do not have a “proper” notebook and need to get one for my journal, somehow they work better?


  2. Angela Hawkins

    Yes! Have to love notebooks. The office store is actually my favorite store! Lol


  3. I hoard them . . . Notebooks and journals can be seen just about anywhere you look in my home, if my husband or one of the kids asks if they can use a notebook my answer is always no, they know the answer before they ask, they’re just messing with me, I know :o)


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