Manhood Journals (What I Want My Boys to Know)

Wow, this is the most amazing idea. I am so inspired. What a precious gift.

Go army wife


I’m one of those mothers. You know the ones. The ones who cry at the wedding reception during the Mother-Son dance. The son is usually much taller, towering over his mother. He smiles down at her likely how she used to do with him. I wonder what is going on through her mind because if it was me up there giving away my precious son to some other woman, I wouldn’t be so calm or smiley. Even now, it’s simply too difficult to think about. I cried when their first tooth falls out, the first day of Kindergarten, the first time they said “I love you,” and every birthday in between. No matter how old they get, they’re still my babies.

I recently came across an episode of Real Housewives of Something where several mothers were packing their kids up to send them off to college. Through teary hugs and goodbyes, a common…

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Check out the Happiness Journal!

Katherine Lamont

Happiness is bigger than just one person – kikki.K

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Invisible Friends

Amazing journal kept by a father about his children growing up.


My dad kept a journal of all the things my brother and I did and said as babies and children. It is so precious to my heart. Occasionally he emails me excerpts from the journal. I think he likes to re-read it over and over. He always says it was the best time of his life. He stayed home with us while my mom worked. A stay at home dad in the 90s. I think it was pretty unusual back then.

He sent this to me today. It really struck me so. How beautiful, how real. How blessed I am to have my own child now and these incredible records of my own childhood which make me so nostalgic and invoke so much longing in me. The closest I can get to that place again is being a mother. Living a piece of my childhood through Silas. And I am…

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Another Gratitude Journal Completed



Well, rats. I had a great post all written out and I THOUGHT I posted it. Something is different with WordPress and I am going to have to figure this out.

Anyway… The post was absolutely brilliant. My best post ever. Let’s see if I can capture some of the faded glory.

Just over halfway through 2014 I have completed another altered book full of so many things I am grateful for. What abundance I have in my life! Sunshine and chocolate. A wonderful husband and two cats. Two sons who are nearly grown and sisters and friends and coffee and yoga and lots of meditation. I have selected the next book I’m going to alter for use as my journal. It is a notebook-sized picture book that will be fabulous for the adventures I have planned for this summer. You will have to stay tuned.


Here we have a…

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Why you Should Write in a Journal

Another lover of paper and office supplies – yay! And encourager of journal writing.

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