What’s Yours (3)

My favourite journal that my friend made me for my 21st birthday. She even embroidered a birthday message on the inside of the cover.

Dug Up Moles

What's Yours (3) What’s Yours (3)

Leather bound, ruled, gridded, handmade? What’s your personal journal or sketchbook look like? Send us a photo at!

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finding advice I gave myself in graduate school

a bowl of goodbyes

I was flipping through my sketch books and found this.

I did a lot of doodling to stay awake… On the top of the right page I told myself:

No but seriously


Purely for myself

Don’t make sense to others

Don’t strap self to being the same

Be ridiculous

 I had a hard time keeping true to myself with so many opinions in my ear. I ended up leaving grad school toward the end of second semester.

…I’m still trying to find my way


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Another Gratitude Journal Completed



Well, rats. I had a great post all written out and I THOUGHT I posted it. Something is different with WordPress and I am going to have to figure this out.

Anyway… The post was absolutely brilliant. My best post ever. Let’s see if I can capture some of the faded glory.

Just over halfway through 2014 I have completed another altered book full of so many things I am grateful for. What abundance I have in my life! Sunshine and chocolate. A wonderful husband and two cats. Two sons who are nearly grown and sisters and friends and coffee and yoga and lots of meditation. I have selected the next book I’m going to alter for use as my journal. It is a notebook-sized picture book that will be fabulous for the adventures I have planned for this summer. You will have to stay tuned.


Here we have a…

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I love pink!

Custom made journals – gotta love them! Check out the blog and Etsy store.

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DIY: Traveler’s Notebook

A beautiful handmade traveler’s notebook. I would definitely love this in my collection!

Snailmail is Still in Fashion

Hello All,

A few days ago I was finally able to work on a project that I’ve been holding off for a long time: making my own pocket sized traveler’s notebook. At the beginning of the year I cracked and bought myself a Midori Traveler’s notebook in the regular, brown, size. I do not exaggerate when I say that I fell in love with the thing. However, I also wanted a pocket sized one but didn’t feel like paying 40 dollars for it, and just never had the time to pick up the material needed to make my own. (Ironically, I work in a craft store.) However, my sister suddenly wanted one and together we went to the store and finally bought the material. Hers is larger than the regular size, but mine is styled around the passport Midori. Or, more like I made it large enough to fit any…

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Who doesn’t love notebooks!

Out of 365 posts, my post about notebooks is the fifth most popular. I love it. I know for sure I’m not alone in my love for notebooks.

I love buying them, writing in them and seeing pictures of them. As I said in the post: they make me happy.

I’d love to make and sell my own notebooks one day. That would be so awesome!

Here are some pictures of my notebooks. Many more to come. Feel free to submit your own pictures to be put on the blog with a bio and link to your blog.

There’s one condition though: you have to love notebooks!

finl 060

finl 053

finl 033

fallig 018


fallig 004

falling 005

f 018

fe 004edit

all 003

fall 025


fall 002 (2)

a 008

stationary 020

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