New Book

I had so much fun creating Fall in Love with Writing that I want to continue with the concept and include people’s real words (and pictures) in another book.

This one is called Everyday I’m Journaling. The name was inspired the song Everyday I’m Shuffling which was a hit a while back in Australia when everyone was shuffling.

I hope this book inspires everyone to journal.

There will a journal prompt/s for every day of the year and I’d like to include real people’s writing for each of the prompts.

Each week might have a theme or I’ll just cover a range of topics. E.g. Memories, childhood, dreams, family, personality, location, fears, achievements.

I’ve also got a section about the journal and have some journaling questions you can answer:

  • How long have you been journaling?
  • How did you start journaling?
  • What do you write in your journal?
  • Why do you journal?
  • Do you have a favourite journal and pen?

Any journal writers out there interested in being part of this book?

fall 025

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