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Why I Write, and Why You Should Too.

Sudden Epiphanies.

As many of you already probably know, I’m not a fantastic writer. Some of you may even go to the extent of saying the phrase: Oh, no! You’re actually a really great writer, Michelle! But all of you who say that are lying. It’s obviously written in my essay grades. Nonetheless, I still write. And you may ask why, and I will tell you today, as well as a little story about myself.

I’ve grown up hating writing. It never was my thing–probably because I wasn’t good at it. Either way, I just thought writing was a hassle. It required work, and work was basically an unidentified foreign object to me. I didn’t understand it when I was three, and I still don’t. But with time, I’ve grown to love reading other people’s works. I learned that writing is, in fact, not “work”, but considered as a past-time. So…

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Writing Unplugged

Dana Johnson

One of my favorite (or at least most rewarding) things to do is spend an entire morning on my deck working on an essay, researching, and reading books. I love the cool breeze paired with my hot coffee. I love the natural light and the surrounding wildlife. I like when big, dozy bumble bees hover around me, mistaking my floral dress for actual flowers.

This past weekend, I broke out my typewriter and was even visited by a good friend of mine (yes, she’s a chicken, and shortly after this photo was taken she began to peck at my bruises).

JJTypewriter It felt so nice to be outside, surrounded by fresh air. This was on Saturday, and I challenged myself to stay away from my computer until 5:00 pm. Only then could I check my email, update my blog, or check the Sunday weather forecast. If I wanted to check a…

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Writing for a reason

The diaries of the happy loner

Writing is about unveiling yourself. It is about taking out all the layers that surround you. A true writer digs into his heart and exposes everything. He leaves himself vulnerable.

The richness of words only come from honesty. Characters come from the most enchanted places and they are nurtured by the writer´s believes, hopes, and fears. When the writer writes, he submerges himself into a trance where ideas flow naturally, a small voice wakes in his mind telling him secrets of the story.

I write because it heals my soul, because it makes me honest, because it lets me be myself. I write because I free myself and reach a mind state where everything is possible. I dive into a land of power, because writers do have power, a mighty power that can touch readers’ hearts, speak to them, and convince them of whispers, voices, and feelings. There is nothing…

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What’s Yours (3)

My favourite journal that my friend made me for my 21st birthday. She even embroidered a birthday message on the inside of the cover.

Dug Up Moles

What's Yours (3) What’s Yours (3)

Leather bound, ruled, gridded, handmade? What’s your personal journal or sketchbook look like? Send us a photo at!

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Manhood Journals (What I Want My Boys to Know)

Wow, this is the most amazing idea. I am so inspired. What a precious gift.

Go army wife


I’m one of those mothers. You know the ones. The ones who cry at the wedding reception during the Mother-Son dance. The son is usually much taller, towering over his mother. He smiles down at her likely how she used to do with him. I wonder what is going on through her mind because if it was me up there giving away my precious son to some other woman, I wouldn’t be so calm or smiley. Even now, it’s simply too difficult to think about. I cried when their first tooth falls out, the first day of Kindergarten, the first time they said “I love you,” and every birthday in between. No matter how old they get, they’re still my babies.

I recently came across an episode of Real Housewives of Something where several mothers were packing their kids up to send them off to college. Through teary hugs and goodbyes, a common…

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finding advice I gave myself in graduate school

a bowl of goodbyes

I was flipping through my sketch books and found this.

I did a lot of doodling to stay awake… On the top of the right page I told myself:

No but seriously


Purely for myself

Don’t make sense to others

Don’t strap self to being the same

Be ridiculous

 I had a hard time keeping true to myself with so many opinions in my ear. I ended up leaving grad school toward the end of second semester.

…I’m still trying to find my way


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Why write?

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Why I Write…

A Creative Writer Mind

To sit down and ponder over what it is that drives me to write is something I find maddening. It’s one of those things that you feel like you should be able to do with ease, and then you sit down to put down the words and you freeze. That being said, I’d like to believe that my inability to pinpoint the reason is because there is an abundance of them, and because I have been writing for as long as I can remember. It’s always just been something that was a part of me, and something that I wanted to do ever since I was little. I was a shy kid, and still am, and it has always been so much easier for me to sit down and write out what I need to say instead of vocalizing it.

I guess you could say that I write because even…

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Check out the Happiness Journal!

Katherine Lamont

Happiness is bigger than just one person – kikki.K

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Invisible Friends

Amazing journal kept by a father about his children growing up.


My dad kept a journal of all the things my brother and I did and said as babies and children. It is so precious to my heart. Occasionally he emails me excerpts from the journal. I think he likes to re-read it over and over. He always says it was the best time of his life. He stayed home with us while my mom worked. A stay at home dad in the 90s. I think it was pretty unusual back then.

He sent this to me today. It really struck me so. How beautiful, how real. How blessed I am to have my own child now and these incredible records of my own childhood which make me so nostalgic and invoke so much longing in me. The closest I can get to that place again is being a mother. Living a piece of my childhood through Silas. And I am…

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